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“...when I awoke the next morning I felt wonderful, relaxed and pain free...”
Cher Toal (Orono, ON)

“If individuals expore Asymya for themselves, they will open a door to unlimited possibilities....”
Jeff Scarrott (Toronto, ON)

“I have found that when no drugs will get rid of my migraines, Asymya does the trick in about 15 minutes. It is something that has to be experienced."
Melody (Toronto, ON)

“I have found Asymya to be the most effective and efficient method to heal. I have been using it daily for almost two years now, and have found it incredibly centering and balancing. I have seen the results of Asymya measured with scientific equipment after I have done a session on an individual, and it is amazing.”
Angela Cheng (Ottawa, ON)

"...I had been looking for something to compliment my massage practice of 22 years. Two years later, I find the exploration more and more compelling. Have I noticed physical changes occur? Yes. Have I noticed shifts in my perspectives and belief structures? Yes. It's all a journey... an opportunity to expand, to choose and to know my own potential."
Marianne Kowalski (Whitby, ON)

“Each and every time I could feel pressure on various parts of my body, i.e., head, chest and the lower bowl area as though a palm was pushing down. There was also a feeling that I can only describe as a magnet pulling on my legs from the knees down. I think I could say that this was a form of tension being pulled from my body. Upon completion of the treatment I always felt lighter and more relaxed. I look forward to more treatments because I know how much better I will feel."
Valare B. (Whitby, ON)

”Asymya opens the door to more possibilities and it allows me to see more ways that something can be done. From there, it is up to me to choose. Some of the choices I have made I would not have made had I not used Asymya, because I would not have seen the possibilities.

If I take the last 12 months, these are some of the changes I have observed:
my salary increased by 32%; I got my dream car; the relationship with my partner reached levels I never thought could be reached; I moved to a house in a nice neighbourhood which is so peaceful it is frightening at times; I saw people who experienced Asymya suddenly decide to take better care of their health or break habits I never thought I would see them break.

If you want to do yourself a favour, try to prove to yourself that Asymya does not work."
Frederic (Belgium)

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